What is our commercial feed product?

Cv̄ictus’s animal feed is a single cell protein we call Cp̄rute.  It is a high-quality feed to substitute for soy- and fish-based protein for livestock and aquaculture feeds. 


The single cell microorganism used to produce Cp̄rute was developed by the agricultural division of Imperial Chemicals Inc. in Billingham, England and commercially produced from 1979-1988. 


The single cell protein has been extensively tested on over 300,000 animals and approved by the European Union as a feed for major commercial species, thus meeting the standard for livestock and aquaculture feed in most jurisdictions.


The low-cost, high-quality protein, which is similar to the protein that cows produce in their rumen, will substitute for soybean meal and fishmeal in livestock feed and aquaculture.  Cp̄rute has a Net Utilizable Protein of 61% by weight.  This is significantly higher than the 48% Net Utilizable Protein in fish meal and only 26% Net Utilizable Protein in soybean meal.  Cp̄rute also offers a better balance of amino acids and digestibility than soybean meal (roughly equivalent to fish meal) to enhance aquaculture and livestock growth rates. 


Protein is the most expensive major component of animal feed.   Cv̄ictus will produce its protein at a fraction of the cost of the price of soybean or fish meal. 


Demand for animal feed protein is projected to more than double between 2017 and 2050 to about 550 million MT.  This growth is driven by the basic need to feed a growing human population that is increasingly wealthy and demanding more and better food.


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that by 2050 the demand for food will grow by 60%, with meat production projected to rise by nearly 70%, aquaculture by 90% and dairy by 55%. Driving this growth is global population increase combined with increasingly high-protein diets.