Cv̄ictus has a vision for high impact net carbon negative livestock and aquaculture feed that can help restore forests, reduce atmospheric CO2 levels, replenish oceans and nourish a growing world population. 

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Social & Environmental Impact

Cv̄ictus’s Alberta project will thoughtfully include the community and create long term economic growth through permanent new jobs.

Soy- and fishmeal-based feed leads to deforestation in the Amazon and depletion of marine ecosystems.  Cv̄ictus will produce a substitute for both feeds that can reduce further harm to fisheries and the world’s precious rainforests and savannas. 

Cv̄ictus is 3-5 years from bringing our product to market, at scale.  


Cv̄ictus offers the quickest and most competitive opportunity to bring green hydrogen and carbon capture and sequestration technology to market.

Unique Combination of Proven Technologies

Cv̄ictus is leveraging its proprietary technology with proven technological processes in gasification, carbon capture use and sequestration, and methanol production to provide optimal growing conditions for single cell protein that consumes carbon and hydrogen from gasification to produce a high protein animal feed we call Cp̄rute. 

Fermentation of single cell protein was perfected and commercialized between 1960 and 1988.  Cv̄ictus will employ recent improvements in fermentation to reproduce the same tested and approved animal feed at more efficient production rates and much lower cost.

Carbon Net Negative Nourishment

Cv̄ictus's single cell protein called Cp̄rute will provide global markets with high quality, low-cost livestock and aquaculture feeds.

Targeting only the carbon needed to grow cellular proteins, sequestering unwanted CO2, and offsetting higher CO2 intensity feeds will assist Canadian climate action through a net negative carbon value chain.

By substituting for soybean meal, Cp̄rute enables reforestation.  More trees can remove gigaton of CO2 from the atmosphere and store carbon in wood for long periods. 

Cv̄ictus’s protein is low cost and high quality, offering higher protein levels and excellent amino acids and digestibility for both animals and aquaculture.



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