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The Opposite of Greenwashing 

Coal. It's our main ingredient.


Conventionally, coal has massive CO2 emissions and environmental damage when mined and burned.
But it's also the cheapest, most abundant energy source available around the world.

Cv̄ictus's Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR) technology is a paradigm shift that turns coal
'from a source to a sink' of CO2'.  EHR™ extracts clean hydrogen from ultra deep coal without mining and creates the space to geologically sequester CO2 both from our process and other sources.
By maximizing it's benefits while sequestering carbon, Cv̄ictus can use coal to 

eliminate the green premium for clean hydrogen and other difficult to decarbonize sectors.  

This is a real-world solution to the most difficult climate challenges that is economically viable
without costly subsidies or political mandates.

Positive Impact

Fighting climate change requires both the reduction of produced emissions and the removal of carbon from the atmosphere.

On one side, Cv̄ictus reduces CO2 emissions associated with critical materials - hydrogen, syngas, methanol, ammonia, and other difficult to decarbonize feedstocks. 

On the other, we increase the removal of CO2 by using our technology for carbon sequestration and single cell protein production. Non-photosynthetic feed can reduce the huge and destructive footprint of animal feed and forage and allow more trees to remove gigatons of CO2.  

Removing CO2

On the other end of the climate crisis,
the world has lost almost half of our forests, nearly all driven by the expansion of agriculture. 80% of all agricultural land is used for animal feed and forage. Brazil’s rainforest and Argentina’s savannah are being cleared to graze cattle and grow soybeans. Additionally, 22% of all fish caught in the oceans are dried for fishmeal, destroying ocean ecology.

As growing global populations and incomes increase demand for dietary protein, ​Cv̄ictus will produce low-cost, nutrient rich single cell protein (SCP) that can substitute for fish meal, soybean meal, and other animal feeds.
Our SCP can help save the biosphere and restore our natural carbon sinks. 

Image by Lingchor
Image by Waren Brasse

Reducing Emissions

The world needs huge supplies of low cost, low carbon clean energy and hydrogen for heat, heavy transportation, chemicals, and other difficult to decarbonize sectors.
Current dominant supply of the 90 million tonnes of hydrogen produced each year is from steam methane reforming (SMR) which is low cost but emits almost as much CO
2 as coal combustion. 


Cv̄ictus’s patented and proprietary Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR™) technology can produce clean hydrogen and chemical feedstocks with lower carbon intensity than green hydrogen from hydropower and at a cost that’s less than half the cost of hydrogen from SMRs.


Our Commitment to People

Cv̄ictus is proud to be working towards projects that support communities around the world that depend on coal. These localities historically have been on the forefront of energy production and heavy industry critical to our society. Cv̄ictus has partnered with the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) and the Wyoming AFL-CIO to create jobs for miners and communities that provide a just transition from legacy mining to a clean energy future.

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