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Proven Leadership, World Expertise

Cv̄ictus leaders have built large companies and developed major projects. 

Our CEO, Brett Wilcox, was founder and CEO of a large primary aluminum company and multiple energy and technology companies.


Michael Blinderman, Technology Provider - Ergo Exergy Technologies, is the inventor of Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery and the world’s foremost expert on underground gasification.


Cv̄ictus's team includes essentially every proven expert in the world who have successfully designed, constructed, and operated in-situ gasification and associated syngas operations, and environmental performance experts. 

Image by Chris Bair

Our Trusted Advisors

Doug Cameron

Business & Biochemical

- previously Senior Managing Director of the US-China Green Fund, co-President and Director of the First Green Partners, Managing Director and Chief Science Advisor to Piper Jaffray, Chief Science Officer at Khosla Ventures and Director of Biotechnology at Cargill and acting CEO at several start-up companies.

Pietro Di Zanno

Industrial Gases

- technical and commercial expert on air separation, hydrogen, syngas production and cleanup, methanol, licensing and engineering  contracts. Prior to forming his own company, Pietro was Director of Major Projects and Business Development at Air Liquide Global Engineering and Construction Solutions Canada, and Synfuels Commercialization Manager and Director of Chemical Conversions at Lurgi Inc. 

Peter Senior

Industrial Biotech

- lead development of Pruteen for ICI, Agricultural Division, from laboratory studies right through to commissioning and commercial operations. Dr. Senior also initiated ICI’s interest in human food products and microbial production of PHB/ PHV. Previously was a founder and Research Director of Delta Biotechnology, and has his own consultancy working with major clients worldwide including bioethanol production, pharmaceutical facilities and environmental sciences.

Chris Clarkson


- Professor in the Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary and holds the Ovintiv/Shell Chair in Unconventional Gas and Light Oil Research and Director of the Tight Oil Consortium. Research focuses on advanced reservoir characterization, and CO2 injection, simulation and enhanced recovery of oil and gas.

Hank Swartout

Energy & Canada

- highly successful entrepreneurial businessman with over four decades of experience in Western Canada. Previously the President, CEO, and Executive Chairman of Precision Drilling Corporation while he lead and grew the company into becoming one of the largest Oilfield Service Companies in the world. He continues to provide expertise is advisory roles to numerous Alberta Corporations as well as supporting early-stage energy production companies.

Jack Pashin

Resource & Exploration

- Professor and Devon Energy Chair of Basin Research at Oklahoma State University. Expertise includes sedimentary geology, coalbed methane, shale gas, geological carbon sinks, structural geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, and basin analysis. Dr. Pashin has been integral to a number of unconventional resource and CO2 injection projects.

Dave Bressler

SCP Fermentation

- Associate Dean of Research and a Full Professor appointed within the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta. Research focuses on the industrial application of chemical, thermal, and biological systems for the conversion of biomass into higher value materials, chemicals, and value-added commodities.

Eric Redman

Climate & Energy

- Attorney and consultant specializing in energy, climate change, carbon capture and sequestration, and coal gasification. He is on the Board of Directors of the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute and previously was President & CEO of the Summit Power Group.

Stefan Rokem

Continuous Fermentation

- Senior Lecturer in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Rokem is the recognized authority on the group of bacteria that Cv̄ictus ferments to produce single cell protein. Research interests focus on the production of metabolites using bacteria, fungi and plant cells and uses of biotechnology for bioremediation and biofuels production. 

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