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Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery

How it works:

The lowest cost platform for carbon negative products

  • EHR produces syngas (H2 + CO) to surface for easy processing to practically any product with ultra-low CO2 and other emissions

    • H2 and CO are the basic building block of almost all petrochemicals and chemical feedstocks 

  • Coal is a cheap and abundant, energy dense resource available in many locations around the world

    • Conventional coal combustion is horrible for the environment, releasing huge emissions

    • EHR brings only the beneficial gases to surface, leaving most of the carbon in the ground 

  • Extracting the hydrogen from coal creates enough space to geologically sequester all the CO2 from the surface process,
    plus room for CO2 from other sources

  • The process requires minimal land or potable water, using horizontal wells to access vast quantities of resource ​

Practically unlimited scalability 

Cv̄ictus will start small and rapidly grow through broad & deep expansion. 

We can broaden this technology as we:

  • Start with single 0.5 PJ panel (2,525 tpy of clean H2) operation

  • Rapid 10x expansion of first panel to 5 PJ (28,000 tpy of H2)

  • Add multiple panels

  • Add multiple sites

We can deepen expansion technology as we:

  • Start with simple, relatively low value product—clean H2 and power

  • Add higher value products

    • methanol, ammonia, urea, single cell protein, feedstock for any petrochemical

    • Conventional bolt-ons to syngas production​​

Flexibility through inherent sequestration

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