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Our Name: carbon negative (C-) 'way of life'

Cv̄ictus's technology and projects target the most difficult climate challenges with flexible applications and practically unlimited scalability. We can produce the lowest cost, lowest carbon intensity hydrogen, syngas, ammonia, and methanol to decarbonize difficult industries (chemicals, energy, transportation, cement, steel) providing a way for Canada, the US, and many other countries that lack other energy resources to extract the hydrogen from heavy hydrocarbons while leaving the carbon in the ground. 

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The lowest cost platform for high value,
carbon negative products

Cv̄ictus will provide not only the

Greenest Blue H2™, but clean liquid energy carriers like ammonia and methanol, and ultimately single cell protein (SCP) which will offset the animal feed and forage
destruction of global forests.

By turning coal 'from a source to a sink' of CO2 
we can decarbonize difficult industries and help enable the reestablishment of
natural carbon sinks.


 the most positively impactful company
on the planet

Cv̄ictus can produce materials for essential products
at much lower cost and at massive scale
in many locations around the world (India, China, and many emerging markets) that lack other resources and can’t afford a green premium. 

We see this as a ‘cause,’ not just a great business.

Image by Gary Ellis
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