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Cv̄ictus’s technology can be scaled rapidly at many sites for true, global impact.

Each site can be initiated with production of our clean hydrogen and expanded with bolt-on products that best fit the needs of the local market. While production of material feedstocks is best in thick, deep coal, the application of EHR for straight carbon sequestration can be implemented in a variety of geological locations with suitable resources for rapid growth and global decarbonization. 

Cv̄ictus has identified suitable resources and potential sites in Canada, the US, China, India, Mongolia, Bangladesh, and elsewhere around the world that can meet the demands for the net zero future.

Mannville Project, Alberta, Canada

Cv̄ictus's first project, the Mannville Project near Red Deer, Alberta is well underway and will be a first of its kind facility to use EHR technology to produce hydrogen and then methanol and animal feed with integrated carbon sequestration.
Cv̄ictus won a $10 million grant from the Clean Resource Innovation Network funded by the Canadian government for an initial 7 tpd clean hydrogen facility which is on track for commercial production in 2024. 


Sweetwater Project, Wyoming, USA

Cv̄ictus's project in Sweetwater County, Wyoming will be the second EHR facility and the first in the United States.
Leveraging engineering and design efforts from the Mannville Project, development of this clean hydrogen facility is moving quickly to meet the new US standard for clean hydrogen. 


Future Development

The key to accelerating global decarbonization is providing scalable technology to many locations around the world. Cv̄ictus has identified numerous locations with appropriate resources for EHR to produce clean hydrogen, energy, and chemical feedstocks without a green premium. 

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