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About Cv̄ictus

Our Name: carbon negative way of life

Cv̄ictus’s vision is ‘to be the most positively impactful company on the planet’ by using our two core technologies to produce very large volumes of clean energy and chemical feedstocks, and using methanol to ferment single cell protein that enables large scale reforestation. We see this as a ‘cause,’ not just a great business.


The combination of our Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR) technology and non-photosynthetic protein production helps solve three of the world's most difficult climate challenges.

  1. Our low-cost, low-carbon syngas and hydrogen will help to decarbonize difficult industries (chemicals, energy, transportation) to replace oil and natural gas.

  2. Our Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery technology is hugely scalable, providing a way for the US, Canada, and others, especially developing countries, to extract clean hydrogen from hydrocarbon resources and leave carbon in the ground. 

  3. Our Single Cell Protein will reduce the huge footprint and emissions of animal feed and help enable reforestation, removing gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Our Mission

The lowest cost platform for high value, carbon negative products.

Cvictus Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR) technology will provide not only the 'greenest blue' hydrogen, but  liquid hydrogen carriers like ammonia and methanol, and ultimately single cell protein (SCP) which will offset the animal feed and forage destruction of global forests.

EHR can produce materials for essential products at much lower cost at massive scale in many locations around the world (India, China and many emerging markets) that lack other resources and can’t afford a green premium. 


The combination of our non-photosynthetic protein production with our integrated process takes our clean energy products from ultra low CO2 to net negative through enabling the reestablishment of natural carbon sinks.

Proven Leadership,
World Expertise

Cvictus’s leaders have built large companies and developed major projects. 

Our CEO, Brett Wilcox, was founder and CEO of a large primary aluminum company and multiple energy and technology companies. Michael Blinderman, our Chief Technology Officer, is the inventor of Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery and the world’s foremost expert on underground gasification. 


Our Clean Energy team has developed and operated numerous energy and industrial projects.

It includes experienced engineers and experts in all aspects of our operations—proven teams on UCG, industrial gases, geology, carbon sequestration in deep coal, and regulatory oversight.


Our Biotech team includes world experts on methylotrophic bacteria, continuous fermentation, single cell protein, and animal feed.