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Cvictus wins Hydrogen Project Award

Cv̄ictus is proud to announce that we were recognized with the Hydrogen Project Award at the 2023 Canadian Hydrogen Convention. Over 7,000 people attended the conference and expo in Edmonton, Alberta this year, all sharing insight to challenges, innovations, and successes around the hydrogen industry and energy transition.

"The Canadian Hydrogen Convention Awards shines a spotlight on excellence in the hydrogen industry here in Canada and around the world. The Awards recognizes and celebrates leaders, innovators and trail blazers accomplishments over the last 12 months who have been at the forefront in leadership, innovation, sustainable solutions and promoting the healthy advancement of the hydrogen sector. "

Cv̄ictus's Mannville Hydrogen Project was the winner in a group of notable players including Certarus Ltd. (Honorable Mention) and Enbridge Gas Inc. The Mannville Hydrogen Project is the first-of-it’s-kind Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR™) Project to produce 7 tpd of clean hydrogen east of Red Deer, Alberta. Cv̄ictus already has completed essentially all pre-construction milestones include site selection and acquisition, environmental feasibility and impact assessments, resource evaluation and testing, regulatory applications, public and stakeholder consultation, preliminary engineering and costing, mine planning and well design, and monitoring plan development. Initial hydrogen production is anticipated in 2024.

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