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First Clean Hydrogen from EHR™ Facility Approved!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Cv̄ictus is pleased to announce that we have received the approvals required to build and operate our first commercial clean hydrogen plant as the initial development of the Mannville Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery™ Project. Last week the Alberta Energy Regulator issued two approvals to Cv̄ictus for the underground operations of our Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery™ (EHR™) and the initial surface gas processing facility to produce the Greenest Blue H2™.

This is the first-of-its-kind project, utilizing patented EHR™ technology to produce syngas to be processed into hydrogen, while sequestering CO2 back into the same formation. Cv̄ictus’s development plans include this initial 7 tpd (2,500 tpy) hydrogen plant and future bolt-on facilities to produce 90,000 tpy hydrogen or 500,000 tpy clean methanol or ammonia, all relying on the same subsurface technology and infrastructure.

The underlying In Situ approval (link) covers four sections of our highest-grade resource for EHR™ operations with approval to develop enough resource for the initial hydrogen production and expanded future commercial production. Cv̄ictus also received approval to construct and operate the surface gas processing plant (link) which will treat raw syngas from the In Situ operations, producing 7 tpd of clean hydrogen.

Development of this Alberta project is the first step towards realizing our bold vision to become ‘the most positively impactful company on the planet’ through global production of clean energy and chemical feedstocks and geological sequestration of CO2 from our process and other sources.

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