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$10 Million Support from CRIN Reducing Environmental Footprint Competition

Cv̄ictus is pleased to share that we have been awarded the maximum recommended funding of $10 million by the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) and their Reducing Environmental Footprint Competition for our initial commercial facility to produce the "greenest blue" hydrogen at our site near Red Deer, Alberta.

The grant will help build Cv̄ictus’s ‘Mannville Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery Project’ to produce 7 tonnes a day of clean hydrogen when the project reaches commercial operation in March 2024. The project uses Cv̄ictus’s patented process of ‘Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery’ to extract hydrogen-rich synthesis gas from ultra-deep coal and brine and reinject associated CO2 back into the same deep seam for permanent geological sequestration. This project was selected out of over 70 projects for the maximum funding available out of $44.6 million as providing a material contribution to CRINs 100 megatonne emissions reductions target. This support is both a significant boost to our capital needs and shows that Canada is open to a paradigm shift in our approach to decarbonization and true innovation.

Check out our project page for more information:

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