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EHR & CCS Special Session at URTeC a hit!

Last year’s large field demonstration of CO2 injection and sequestration in deep coal made a big splash in a special 1 ½ hour session at the Unconventional Oil and Gas Technology Conference (URTeC) in Denver, Colorado on June 13-15. The session, titled Potential for Geologic Sequestration of CO2 in Deep, Low-Permeability Coal Seams, included presentations by Cvictus and our partners at the University of Calgary and Penn State University. Michael Blinderman, Cvictus’s Chief Technology Officer, led with his presentation about what we accomplished and why it was a significant advance in CCS. Dr. Christopher Clarkson and his team of researchers from the University of Calgary followed with details of their independent academic analysis validating our CCS technology. The presentations have received significant interest from academic and industry experts in the CCUS field. A series of published papers from this group of research are to follow.

Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery and CO2 Sequestration 230605
Download PDF • 955KB

Introduction to Deep Mannville Coal CO2 Injection Pilot 230605
Download PDF • 1.97MB

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