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First Demonstration of CO2 Sequestration in Ultra-Deep Coal

Cvictus Inc. has successfully demonstrated CO2 injection into deep coal for Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR) at our new wells in Alberta! This is a key component of our patent, confirms extensive modeling and was the last technical milestone before commercial scale EHR operations. Cv̄ictus has shown that we can turn coal "from a source to a sink" of CO2 and mobilize saline formation water to produce very low-cost, ultra-low CO2 hydrogen.

In an applied science breakthrough with major potential benefits for global climate efforts, Cv̄ictus Inc. has successfully demonstrated that large quantities of CO2 can be injected into deep coal seams for permanent geological sequestration. This demonstration opens the way for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) to take advantage of vast new geologic “sinks” for CO2.

Cv̄ictus and a team of experts including those from the University of Calgary injected a total of 1,512 tonnes of CO2 into the 1,500-meter deep Mannville coal seam at Cv̄ictus’s site near Red Deer, Alberta. The week-long demonstration of Cv̄ictus’s technology began by injecting 5 tonnes per hour (tph) of CO2 and increased to a sustained injection rate of 17 tph. Relatively low injection pressures and energy requirements for the demonstration confirm the commercial viability of Cv̄ictus’s patented process for carbon sequestration and EHR.

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hugh stewart
hugh stewart
Mar 10, 2022

Fantastic achievement - technology breakthroughs like this are what Alberta and the World need - Terrific :-) !! - Congratulations !!

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